The gift of jewelry can do something as simple as add style to a wardrobe or it can be as significant as bringing two people together. With it we can honor a loved one, represent a love that will last for time and all eternity or create a handcrafted heirloom that will be passed on from generation to generation. It is a way for us to have something tangible to remember those we love and cherish.
reNvinted Jewelry is a handcrafted jewelry shop that LOVES to bring a little more happiness and sparkle into the lives of others. Our goal is to create one of a kind pieces that reflect your style and personality while still fitting within your budget.
Our pieces may be similar but will never be identical.
We have a wide range of collections from Custom Bridal to Hand Stamped to Sterling Silver to Casual to reNvinted. We design pieces for men, women & baby. We are dedicated to our customers and love being a part of helping them make lasting memories. You can see some of the our favorite pieces on our
Gallery Page.
We are so grateful for the privilege to design and fabricate pieces that incorporate our clients personality, history and heart. We look forward to working with you and helping you find or create the perfect piece for you or your loved one.
Get to know the hands behind the "Handcrafted" jewelry
My name is Kimberly Clausen. I am a GIA Certified Jeweler & Designer. I am a mother of three & business owner who loves to see the beauty in everything, even things people consider broken or junk. I believe that everything and everyone deserve a second, third and even fourth chance.
I love to create and design pieces that will be with people and in families for generations. Getting to know my clients and incorporating their love, passion, memories and even personalities into their pieces is one of my passions.
I love to take the information they give me and create something that they never knew they always wanted.
The joy that comes from giving a gift that has had so much thought and love put into it and seeing the smile on my customers faces is what makes my job one of the best out there.
We also love to give back as often as we can.
Visit our GIVE BACK page for more information
I hope to get to know you and leave you with a little extra sparkle and joy that you can in turn spread to others. 😊
Thank you for supporting a small business. 
Sincerely yours,
Kimberly N. Clausen