Getting Married?
Want to design your own elegant piece of jewelry to last generations?
Want to add a little more sparkle to your everyday?
Do you have an heirloom that you need repaired or would like to reNvint into something more your style?
Don't know where to start?
I am here to help!
Hi there, my name is Kimberly Clausen. As a certified GIA Jeweler & Designer with knowledge in diamonds & precious gems I am here to guide you in the right direction. Whether you have a ring in mind, are simply looking for information on how, what, where, or when to purchase or you would like me to design and fabricate your dream piece I am honored to help! 
My goal is to uncomplicate things allowing the process to be fun and exciting for you.
Check out some of my favorite custom pieces on our
Custom Gallery Page
When it comes to purchasing wedding, anniversary, and other sentimental jewelry it can be very overwhelming. I know - I've been there. But now that I am educated and have experience in the industry I'm here to help.
My hope is for you to enjoy every minute of the journey creating a piece that will create lasting memories.
 Seeing people get discouraged, disappointed and worst of all, taken advantage of, when they should be making happy memories brings me so much sadness. Getting married and buying gifts for the ones we love should be a happy and exciting time!
 I am here to help whenever you are ready.
The smiles on my customers faces are THE best part of my job. 
I love what I do and can't wait to meet you!
feel free to contact me directly at 714.585.8319 or